Jaguar E-Type LHD racing specification





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This LHD E-type is not a coupe conversion but was also born as a roadster. It has been fastidiously race prepared by the current owner who has enjoyed it for many years on the classic racing scene. This is a 100% correct E-type which is fully FIA legal and a competitive and reliable entry in 60’s Endurance, GTSCC and/or Gentlemen drivers race series.

The detailed spec of this red & Silver E-type can be found below. The car recently participated in the 60’s endurance race at Imola and needs a normal, after-race overhaul/check-over. Obviously, FIA HTP is available and 4 spare wheels come with the car.

This is an ideal and correctly priced race-spec E-type which can be enjoyed immediately !


  • Full race 3800cc wet sump engine with many Dennis Welch parts and rebuild by Officina Rubini with 5 hours, circa 330BHP.
  • forged pistons (new 2010)
  • Steel crankshaft & rods with DWR vibration damper
  • Fully gas flowed straight port cylinder head with new DWR valves
  • Triple Weber 48 carburettors with performance air filter
  • Fully baffled wet sump
  • Single point distributor, ultra-light steel flywheel with race spec clutch
  • Large core aluminium radiator
  • Lightweight race specification alternator 48
  • Race spec diff with clutch type 30/60 ramp LSD
  • Aluminium differential rear cover with differential cooler and ‘top’ quality metal circulation pump
  • Large Dunlop front brake callipers (as per FIA regulations)
  • Magnesium peg drive wheels 7” front, 8” rear
  • DWR straight cut 4 syncro gearbox
  •                Aluminium bonnet, door and trunk
  •                Weight of just 1030/1040 kg



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