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Make: Chevron
Name: B19
Year: 1971

We are delighted to offer this immaculate 1971 ex-works Chevron B19 for sale.

The Chevron B19 was designed and introduced by Chevron founder Derek Bennett at the beginning of 1971 and followed on from the successful B8 and B16 models. As before, the car was aimed firmly with the privateer in mind, with ease of maintenance and low running costs being vital factors in its design, as well as being a competitive alternative to rival manufacture’s Lola T210. Over the following months some 35 individual B19s would be built.

B19-71-12 has continuous race and ownership history from new (see the history section below). It was entered by Chevron Racing for the 1971 season where it was driven by Chris Craft, who at the time was widely recognised as one the best of the new generation of young British drivers. At the end of the season, it was shipped to South Africa where it was raced by well know drivers such as Mike Hailwood and Brian Redman.

This car is sold in fresh and race-ready condition with nothing else to spend. The engine is a latest spec G. Richardson FVC with only 210 miles (2 hours) on it. The fuel cell is valid until 2018. Fire extinguisher and belts are also current and valid for several more years. Brakes are 2 pod calipers front and rear and conform to the CER specifications.

#71-12 comes with current FIA HTP papers and a set of spare wheels in addition to a spare nose which can be used when running without lights.

A full ownership and race history file comes with the car.

This is a rare opportunity to buy a race-ready ex-works Chevron B19 which is eligible to run in most racing series such as Masters, CER, etc. where it is a front-running car.

Make: Lotus
Name: Elan S2 / 26R
Year: 1965

We are pleased to offer for sale this gorgeous and very quick RHD Lotus Elan S2 which was bought by the current owner in 2000 and was subsequently completely build-up to the latest 26R specification.

Upon completion, the car has been raced very successfully at both the national and international level up to 2012. The owner then switched to racing a 2 litre prototype which is why the Elan is now up for sale.

The engine has been built by John Smirtwait delivering 190 bhp and only has 10 hours of running since its last rebuild. The other specs are as follows:

Strengthened chassis
Magnesium gearbox and differential casing (with LSD)
Magnesium center lock wheels
Alu bell-housing
New magnesium uprights with original alu calipers
Close ratio magnesium gearbox
Fuel cell 60 litres (valid until 2016) with separate catch-tank and pumps
KONI adjustable shocks all round
Renewed electrics
Large core alu radiator
1” front anti-roll bar+ 3/4” fr. a-r bar
TTR half-shafts
Lexan side and rear screens

The car comes with extensive spares which include a spare set of wheels and spare diff. with LSD 4.1-ratio.

Given that this Elan racer sat idle for a few years, the following would need to be done to bring it to race ready condition : go through the car with renewal of fluids and update belts and fire system.

A new, 2015 FIA HTP comes with the car (see 1st page below). Road registration can be easily done by its new owner as old title/registration document exists.

This excellent Elan S2/26R is located in Belgium where it can be inspected subject to appointment.

Make: Lola
Name: T70 Mk3B coupe
Year: 1969

We are delighted to offer this exceptional, no stories Lola T70 Mk3B for sale ! SL76/155 was the 1st of only 5 post-production Lola T70 Mk3B coupes which were build by the Lola factory in 1979 and 1980.

SL76/155 was sold in July 1980 to its 1st US owner Theodore Gildred who kept it for 30 years ! During his ownership, Gildred methodically kept all documents related to the car which includes invoices and correspondence from Lola, all work done on the car, race results, etc..

During his ownership in the 1980ies and 90ies Gildred entered SL76/155 in various US historic races were the car was driven by some famous drivers such George Follmer and Bobby Rahal. The car was never damaged and Gildred sold it in 2010 to JL Motorsport who did nothing with the car until it was bought by the current owner in 2012.

As such, SL76/155 has only had 3 owners from new and still carries it complete, original chassis !

Upon its acquisition in 2012, the current owner had the car completely overhauled and fully race prepared such that it is sold in 100% race-ready condition. It needs nothing to go racing !

SL76/155 has the ultimate specification with a powerful Mathwall 5.0 litre injected engine and fresh Hewland 5 speed gearbox. The car has shown to be very quick and reliable being a front runner on the 2014 European historic racing scene.

SL76/155 comes with current, 2013 FIA HTP papers. The fuel cell (105 litres) is valid until 23/12/2019. Crack testing was done on 27/6/2013. The engine was rebuild by Matwall Engineering in February 2015 after which it ran a mere 1.5 hours.

This exceptional T70 Mk3B coupe is located near Brussels in Belgium where it can be inspected subject to appointment.


1 steering wheel
1 Alternator
1 Fuel pump
1 front light
1 set of spark plugs wiring
4 anti rollbar
23 gear ratios sets
some gear box forks and dog rings
1 set of front brake calipers
1 front suspension triangle
4 dampers springs
4 wheel nuts
1 seat
4 magnesium wheels on car + 4 magnesium wheels + BBS wheels

In Summary, SL76/155 has :

  • Only 3 owners from new,
  • Its original chassis, never damaged, original chassis plate, etc.,
  • Is extremely well documented,
  • Is in 100% race ready condition,
  • Comes with good spares,
  • Has no bad stories, no double numbers and benefits from excellent early historics 80ies race history,
  • Is eligible for all historic events including LeMans Classic 2016 !

Make: Chevron
Name: B36
Year: 1976

We are pleased to offer for sale this well-known, 2014 CER championship winning Chevron B36. This latest development of Derek Bennett's very successful 2 litre sports prototype has continuous ownership from new (see ownership history below) and was never badly damaged despite its extensive racing career which includes no less than 5 LeMans 24hr participations between 1976 and 1980 ! You will find this B36's stellar race history further below which is evidence of this car being arguably the best B36 existing.

The car is 100% ready to run with freshly painted body and freshened up suspension. Fuel tanks were replaced in May 2014 and belts are new. Extinguisher is current as well. CWP was recently replaced  and the Geoff Richardson latest spec BDG has only done 4 hours.

This B36 with outstanding provenance comes with an extensive history file, new 2015 FIA HTP papers and a very good spares package.

Its new owner will have the pleasure to continue the winning streak of this front running and famous Chevron B36 !

Make: Lola
Name: T70 Mk3 coupe
Year: 1967

We have the pleasure to offer for sale this rare and exceptional 1967 Lola T70 Mk3 – chassis SL73/112 – which has been with its current owner for 20 years !

Only 15 Mk3 coupes were built in-period and of these only about 6 are top notch and without any stories. SL73/112 is one of these 6 and benefits from outstanding European and African in-period racing history (see below). In addition, this “Gullwing T70” has continuous ownership from new, originally being referred to as the “Epstein/Hawkins T70” after their first owners and racing drivers.

SL73/112 has spent the first 27 years of its life in England after which it has resided in France for the last 20+ years. Its current and long-term owner has always maintained this car with no expense spared while he raced it on the European historic racing scene where it has never been badly damaged and remains highly original.

The car has a fresh (only 1.5 hours) 5.9 liter small block chevy engine with rare side-draft 55” Weber carburetors and a new, fresh Hewland LG-600 gearbox. SL73/112 is sold in race-ready condition with 2010 FIA HTP papers (new, current HTP papers will also come with the car) and the following spares : one set of wheels plus another front and rear wheel, long and short gear-ratios and a very efficient exhaust silencer system.

This is a rare opportunity to buy one of the best, ex-Epstein/Hawkins/de Udy Lola T70 Mk3 coupes in excellent condition which is ready to bring lots of enjoyment to its new, lucky owner !

Make: Chevron
Name: B26
Year: 1974

We have the pleasure to offer for sale the ex-Tony Cicale Chevron B26. While Tony Cicale may not be that well known this side of the Atlantic, he is a legendary race and championship winning engineer held in high regard in the U.S.A..

Derek Bennett, founder of Chevron Cars Ltd. was a brilliant engineer who started to build race cars in the late 50ies in a shop in North England where he quickly developed a name for himself. He could develop a brand new car in a remarkably short time but he rarely found that a fresh design was really necessary. This was certainly the case in the middle of the 1973 season when the latest Chevron B23 was no match for the Lolas and Osellas. So, Bennett decided that a clean sheet design was needed to regain competitiveness. Shortly after he was found testing the brand new Chevron B26.

What set the B26 apart from its predecessors was the aluminium monocoque. Previous Chevron sports racers had used a reinforced spaceframe design that was first used in the B6 of 1967. The new monocoque type chassis of the B26 offered similar rigidity but weighed less. Just as on the earlier cars a separate front subframe was used for ease of maintenance or replacement in case of accident damage. Adapted to the latest low profile tires, the front suspension was carried over from the final evolution of the B23 while the rear suspension was derived from the B25 Formula 2 single seater. In addition, the B26 benefitted from a simple wedge-shaped body and an integrated rear wing.

This B26, chassis B26/74/05, has continuous history from new with just a few, mostly long-term owners. The current owner bought the car in 2008 from the USA and, once imported into France, commissioned a full rebuild of the car which has now been completed. Everything has been gone through and a new zero-miles Richardson Ford BDG has been installed. The owner has now decided to sell the car as, due to a lack of time, he has not had the pleasure to use this beautiful and very fast Chevron B26.

Everything on the car is current (seat belts, fuel cell, etc.) and it is totally race-ready for making its re-appearance on the US historic racing scene. If to be raced in Europe, the car would only need a correct B26 tail and FIA HTP papers.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a no-stories Chevron B26 with excellent provenance and in fresh, race-ready condition !

Make: Abarth-Osella
Name: PA1
Year: 1973

We are pleased to offer this gorgeous Abarth Osella PA1 chassis 08 for sale. The car has continuous history from new and is in excellent condition.

It was bought by the current owner in 2011 who had a complete rebuild done and a new, correct 2.0 Abarth engine fitted (instead of the FVC it had). The nose section was strengthened in honeycomb aluminium to provide additional protection. Despite this extensive work, the car has only been used once at the Barcelona Masters event in 2011 where it qualified on pole but DNF-ed in the race due to a throttle linkage problem. The engine was then rebuild and has zero hours !

As the car has not been used since, it still looks as new ! All it needs to go racing again is a re-commissioning service and updating with belts, fire extinguisher, fuel cell and a new FIA HTP.

The car comes with a spare set of wheels and miscellaneous running spares.

This no-stories Abarth Osella PA1 is simply stunning and will provide its new owner with lots of enjoyment in the many historic race events it is eligible for.

Make: Connaught
Name: A-Type
Year: 1952

We are very proud and pleased to offer this famous ex-Rob Walker racing A-type for sale. This car has only had 3 owners in the last 53 years !

A3 has a stellar and very successful racing history from 1952 up to 1957. Its drivers reads like the “Who’s Who” of fifties motor racing with names such as Ken Downing, Tony Rolt, Stirling Moss, Peter Collins, Tony Brooks, Roy Salvadori and (a young) Graham Hill.

After being acquired by the current owner in 2006, it has been campaigned extensively on the European historic racing scene and always received the tender, loving care such car deserves. It is in race-ready condition and needs nothing.

A3 is extremely well documented and comes with an extensive history file.

This museum quality GP Car comes with a current (2010) FIA HTP, a spare engine block, wheel moulds and running spares.

While mechanically very sound, A3 is extremely original and ready to continue showing its pedigree and good looks at events such as Goodwood and/or the Monaco Historic GP.

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