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Lola T298 (1979)

Price Reduced

Make: Lola
Name: T298
Year: 1979

HU-93 is freshly painted with large Motul stickers in front and on the wing and is in outstanding condition.

The engine (BMW M12/7) - recently rebuild by specialist Eric Wassermann (France) - has 5 hours. The gearbox is fresh. New clutch, starter and alternator. Fresh wheel bearings. Fuel cell valid until 2016. The car has all the right parts and is totally race-ready. HU-93 comes with current FIA HTP papers.

Spares include 6 wheels and an (old) front body.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire the latest development of the Lola T29x lineage making HU-93 a very competitive car to run in CER, Masters, Le Mans classic, etc..

Make: De Tomaso
Name: Pantera Gr4 (ex-works)
Year: 1972

Being the only works car, #2873 is the most famous of the 14 Gr4 cars. It has amazing history (winner Giro d’Italia 1973; European GT champion 1975, 90+ victories),  factory attestation and ample documentation including 100+ in-period factory work sheets and in-period pictures.

Since it was bought by the current owner at the beginning of 2011, #2873 has undergone a no-expense-spared full restoration whereby the geometry, suspension, fuel-system, engine and gearbox have been rebuild. The car still features all its original bodywork and its livery is exactly as it won the 1973 Giro d'Italia.

After a succesfull rollout and 1st race at Spa Francorchamps in September 2013, #2873 has now made its re-appearance on the European racing scene in 2014 participating in the Brands Hatchs Masters Festival and the 2014 Oldtimer GP.

This exceptional car comes with a full restoration file and an extensive history file with lots of in-period pictures, FIA HTP, road registration and various spares including multiple wheel sets and a spare, rebuild ZF gearbox.

#2873 is eligible for every historic race and or road event around the globe (LeMans Classic, Tour Auto, CER, Masters WSM, etc.).

Make: Jaguar
Name: E-Type S1 Roadster - Race Spec
Year: 1964

This is a wonderful FIA legal, racing E-type in excellent, race ready condition.

Lightweight specification (alu doors, bonnet, trunk) with steel chassis.

During the last 9 months, the current owner has spent approximately GBP 30K on the car. The work done and the specs of this lovely E-type consist of :

- Diff is rebuilt with all new parts ( Dennis welch )  & new oil cooler/pump , Aluminium rear diff cover with oil temp sensor, new output flanges, drive shaft yolks and U-joints,
- KONI shocks rebuild and new rear springs,
- Overhauled gearbox with new clutch,
- Overhaul of the carburettors,
- New front and rear discs and pads,
- New Motorsport torsion bars with ride height brace /kit  ( Dennis welch )
- Alloy fuel tank
- Plumbed in electric fire system (current)
- Alloy radiator and header tank
- New spec steering arms (elimintae bump steer)
- Seat belts valid until 2017
- Race battery
- Welded-on roll cage

The bodywork is as-new and the engine is a low mileage Rob Beere engine.

Spares consist of 2 sets of wheels, trottle cable and running spares.

UK road Registered and its 2009 FIA HTP is being renewed.

This E-type is totally ready for enjoyment by its new owner, looks the part and is excellent value !

Make: Arrows
Name: A3
Year: 1980

We have the pleasure to offer for sale the ex-Riccardo Patrese 1980 Arrows A3 chassis #3.

The Arrows Grand Prix International team, based in Milton Keynes (UK), was founded in 1977 by Italian financier Franco Ambrosio, Jackie Oliver, Dave Wass and Tony Southgate (from whose surnames' initials the team took its name) when Rees, Oliver, Wass and Southgate left the Shadow team together with young and up-coming Italian driver Riccardo Patrese .

In chassis #3 Riccardo did the entire 1980 and 1981 F1 seasons and achieved the best ever race results for the Arrows team including (amongst others) 2nd overall at the 1980 US West GP, fastest lap at the Monaco GP and pole position at the 1981 Long Beach Grand Prix. During the 1980 season, A3/3 ran in its well known and fabulous looking gold Warsteiner livery (with Penthouse and Rizla as additional sponsors) while – for the 1981 season – a sponsorship deal was struck with Italian Ceramiche Ragno and Utili Beta of Milan.

When Arrows moved on to the A4 design for the 1982 season, they sold three of the A3s to wheeler-dealer John harper and retained Patrese's car #3 for display at the factory. When Arrows was sold, the A3 passed into the ownership of Jackie Oliver and was driven up the hill by Oliver at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 1994. It then passed to Tony O'Neill who sold it to Paul Southgate but the Arrows was never raced during their successive ownership and remained completely original. After Southgate died in June 2008 the car was sold via Duncan Hamilton & Co to Philip Hall in November 2009 who sold it to the current owner in 2012.

Being race prepared and looked after by WDK Motorsport, A3/3 is in excellent, race ready condition with a freshly rebuild engine and with a good spares package. After having run in the 2014 FIA World Championship Grand Prix Masters , this stunning and iconic Warsteiner Arrows is ready for the 2015 season !

Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage (1959)

Price Reduced

Make: Maserati
Name: Tipo 61 Birdcage
Year: 1959

This stunning Maserati Birdcage recreation, chassis number 2473 and engine number 2487, was built by the world renowned English firm Crosthwaite and Gardiner.

They were given an original Tipo 61 Birdcage as building reference which allowed Crosthwaite and Gardiner to meticulously recreate #2473 down to its last nut and bolt over a twelve year (!) period. A newly-built chassis was created and as many original parts as possible utilized along with newly created parts to 100% original specification. The car was fitted with an original and correct Maserati Factory engine, number 2487.

Accompanied by its FIA Historic Technical Passport issued by the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS) this Birdcage is superlative and exact to original factory specifications in all its parts.

The Specification of the engine is 2890cc four-cylinder, vertical in-line with 2 x Weber 45 DC03carburettors. The transmission is a correct five-speed manual mechanical with in-unit limited slip differential.

Birdcage #2473, which is located near Melbourne, Australia,  is ready for road use and would be accepted for serious historic racing anywhere in the world. This is a unique opportunity to acquire an exact replica of the famous Tipo 61 “Birdcage” for a fraction of the price !

FIA Historical Technical Passport ; Built by specialist Crosthwaite and Gardiner to exact factory specifications ; Original engine; Two seater sportscar in sheet aluminium over a steel tubular frame

Make: Chevron
Name: B36
Year: 1976

We are pleased to offer for sale this well-known, 2014 CER championship winning Chevron B36. This latest development of Derek Bennett's very successful 2 litre sports prototype has continuous ownership from new (see ownership history below) and was never badly damaged despite its extensive racing career which includes no less than 5 LeMans 24hr participations between 1976 and 1980 ! You will find this B36's stellar race history further below.

The car will be sold 100% ready to run with freshly painted body and freshened up suspension. Fuel tanks were replaced in May 2014 and belts. Extinguisher will be serviced with two years certificate. CWP was recently replaced  and the Geoff Richardson BDG has only done 2.5 hours.

This B36 with outstanding provenance comes with an extensive history file, FIA HTP papers and a very good spares package.

Its new owner will have the pleasure to continue the winning streak of this front running Chevron B36 !

Make: Chevron
Name: B27S (DFV)
Year: 1973

We are very pleased to offer this unique Chevron B27S, the only Chevron sportscar which was powered with a Cosworth DFV engine by the factory. As the car started life as a B23 with chassis number B23-73-21, we will refer to the car by its chassis number.

The car is in race ready condition with a fresh G. Richardson DFV engine and still has its original, rebuild gearbox. The ownership chain from its 1st owner to the present owner is clear and uninterrupted. B23-73-21 is well documented and comes with an attestation by Chevron Cars Ltd.

This one-off Chevron will provide its new owner with lots of driving joy while being a front runner in today's historic racing scene around the world.

Make: Ford
Name: GT40 Mk1
Year: 1966

We are delighted to present this genuine and superbly prepared 1966 Ford GT40 Mk1 with chassis number P/1062. A front running car with continuous history from new and never seriously damaged throughout its entire life P/1062 is now offered for sale by its long-term owner.

Ford GT40 P/1062 was one of 31 road-equipped cars built by Ford Advanced Vehicles at Slough. Essentially a softened race car, the road version of the Mk1 GT40 differed in having softer suspension, less aggressive brakes, Borani wire wheels, a silenced exhaust system, a heater and windscreen demister, twin luggage boxes housed in the tail, a fully timed cloth interior, fully working door locks, and “Ford” sill badges. Despite all this softening, the GT40 as a road car wasn’t really practical for everyday use and interest was low. Having planned to build at least 50 road cars, all at a pre-calculated loss, Ford stopped at 30 units plus one prototype.

Finished in Metallichrome Toledo blue with black interior trim and fitted with the standard Cobra 289cid V8 fitted to all GT40 Mk1s, P/1062 was shipped new to Ford Division in America arriving in Detroit at the end of the December ’66 along with P/1063. On arrival both cars were assigned to Ford’s experimental Kar Kraft division. Quite what Kar Kraft did with the car is a mystery and a full year later P/1062 was still in Ford’s stock inventory in Detroit where it would remain until being assigned to be sold-off at the end of ’68. At the time of its disposal P/1062 was one of three GT40s to have a “road-modified” MkII tail fitted and was sold in early ’69 to Dr Len Cheney in California who used P/1062 as a road car until the end of the year when he sold it to an unknown buyer.

Despite the passage of time, the next few years of the history of P/1062 are a mystery, but it was owned in the late-70s by David Brown of Florida. He sold the car to Harley Cluxton in Arizona who in turn sold it to collector and racer Jeff Lewis of California. The car had by this time lost its MkII tail for a standard Mk1 item. Jeff raced the car in the West Coast historic scene in the 80s. Throughout his ownership P/1062 was painted white with a black centre stripe.

In 1991 Jeff sold the car through Mike Sheehan to Hans-Joachim Weber in Germany who then modified the car to full race spec finishing in blue with a white center stripe. Weber then became very active with the car in European historic racing during the next decade before selling P/1062 in 1999 to David McElrain, owner of P/1053. With David committed to racing P/1053, the current owner took over the driving duties of P/1062 and bought the car for himself in 2001 immediately repeating his previous year’s winning the Tour Auto, a revival of the Tour de France.  Since then, P/1062 has been at the forefront of the European historic racing scene including the Le Mans Classic where it has not missed participating with success since 2004. In 2006 at Le Mans, the car suffered a flash fire which singed the bodywork but caused no real or further damage. The owner then took the opportunity to fully restore the car over the next year before returning to the track once more with multiple participations at the Goodwood Revival where P/1062 led the GT40 race in 2013 after a stellar start. Prior to running at Goodwood in 2014, P/1062 also won the Plateau 4 Le Mans Classic event.

After another good 2014 racing season, the car is now being fully serviced and it is being sold in fresh and race-ready condition with a fresh engine and gearbox, new fuel bags, new hub bearings, etc.. The 2007 FIA HTP papers are being renewed and the car comes with a set of spare wheels and running spares.  

Despite not having a period racing history, P/1062’s no-stories provenance coupled with its more recent historic racing record is pretty impressive, always being a reliable front-runner in the capable hands of its current owner. Without a doubt, P/1062 is one of the very best GT40s and its next lucky owner will continue to be a welcome entrant in all the blue-ribbon historic race events around the world.

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