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Make: Lola
Name: T70 Mk3 coupe
Year: 1967

We are pleased to offer this magnificent 1967 Lola T70 Mk3, chassis SL73/109, for sale.

SL73/109 was delivered new as a Mk3 spider to John Mecom, the US Lola importer, on the 21st March 1967 and then passed to Carl Haas, who was in the process of taking over as the US Lola agent.

Delivered in plain white and fitted with a Bartz Chevrolet V8, it was sold to Moises Solana of Mexico. Entered by the Aztec Racing Team, Moises raced the car in the ’67 USRRC and also in Mexican track, road racing and hillclimb events over the next two years before letting his brother, Hermann take over the car when Moises switched to a new McLaren M6B. In 1969 SL73/109 was sold to Spurlock Taylor of Panama, Central America who raced the car for some time and won the Panamanian GP in 1970. It was later donated to the Indianapolis Museum where it resided for some years before being sold on. SL73/109 was then owned by Jeff Stevens in the mid-70s who did some minor club events with the car thereby crumpling its nose.

Chuck Haines bought the car from Jeff complete and with a Bartz Chevrolet V8, repaired the nose, and quickly sold it on to Fernando Stirling of Mexico who in turn sold the car to Roly Nix in England for historic racing. Unfortunately, the car was badly damaged when it fell off its trailer on the way to an event. The damaged car was rebuilt on a new tub with Mk3 coupe bodywork (blue with a central white stripe), then did a couple of races and was put up for sale.

In 1993 it was sold to Richard Dodkins (UK), who did several years of European historic racing with the car until selling it to its current Portuguese owner in 1999, now already more than 15 years ago. The current owner has spared no expense to maintain the car at a very high standard and has campaigned it successfully for many years on the historic racing scene until a few years ago.

As can be seen from the above, SL73/109 has continuous, solid history from new and benefits from a 2013 FIA HTP.

The car is in very good and race-ready condition carrying a 5 litre SMB Chevy Lucas injected engine with only 3 race hours under its belt. The LG-600 5-speed gearbox has been completely overhauled. Seat belts and fire system are current, crack testing per Appendix K is done and the fuel cell is new. Spares consist of a spare radiator, oil coolers, rear suspension arms, drive shaft CV joints and spare wheels.

This impressive, long-term ownership Lola T70 Mk3 is eligible for all historic race events around the world including LeMans Classic and is priced-to-sell.

Make: Ensign
Name: N177
Year: 1977

We have the pleasure to offer for sale this gorgeous 1978 Ensign N177 chassis MN09.

Ensign was a Formula One constructor from Britain. They participated in 133 grands prix, entering a total of 155 cars and scored 19 championship points. The best result was a 4th place at the 1981 Brazilian Grand Prix by Marc Surer, who also took fastest lap of the race.

Ensign was founded by Morris Nunn (hence the MN in the chassis number) who also carried out design duties during the first two seasons of the team's existence. Nunn would later go on to be a prominent chief engineer in the American-based Champ Car series, winning championships with drivers Alex Zanardi and Juan Pablo Montoya in the late 1990s.

Four Ensign N177 were build and chassis MN09 was the very last one with 15 race starts in the Aurora FX Championship (1978 to 1984) driven by the likes of Val Musetti, Geoff Lees, John Goss, John Cooper, Tiff Needell and Mike Littlewood.

This N177 is a well known and class winning car on the historic F1 scene with the prior owner achieving podium finishes at Monaco Historic GP in 2008 and 2010. The current owner has continued to campaign MN09 successfully during the past few years whereby it has been looked after by Mirage Engineering who have over 20 years of experience in motorsport.  

The car is sold without an engine (please note that a long stroke DFV is available as an option) and is in excellent condition throughout with everything (crack testing, fuel cell, fire extinguisher, harnesses, etc.) being fresh and/or current. MN09 benefits from a wide tub which accommodates most drivers and was fully rebuilt from the bare tub at the beginning of the 2015 season. Measurement and setup has been performed by reputed and well known Racedyn (Nigel Rees). Last but not least, the car comes with 2015 FIA HTP papers (valid until 2025) and a good spares package including various sets of wheels, suspension components, etc..

This Ensign N177 is priced to sell and ready to tackle the 2016 historic F1 season – for which it is the perfect entry - in the hands of its new, lucky owner !

Make: Jaguar
Name: E-type Roadster 3.8 semi-lightweight
Year: 1962

We have the pleasure to offer this well known and front-running Jaguar E-type for sale. This car has arguably been the winningest E-type on the historic racing scene during the last few years with several wins and even more podium finishes.

The car is fully sorted with no expense spared and is sold in race-ready condition. It also has a V5C UK road registration with number GSL 156 and comes with current FIA HTP papers.

The car was newly built with a new monococque and all new parts in 2013. Its specification is as follows :

BODY - Steel tub with aluminium bonnet, hardtop, doors and boot lid.  Safety Devices Roll cage. Freshly painted.

ENGINE – choice of 2 engines; both are freshly rebuild :

1/ aluminium block, wide angle head, wet sump, billet crankshaft, forged rods, Crosswaite & Gardiner pistons, fully CNC gas flowed, high lift cams, harmonic damper, lightened flywheel, triple plate clutch and 48 Weber DCOE carburettors.

2/ steel block, wide angle head, wet sump, billet crankshaft, forged rods, Crosswaite & Gardiner pistons. Fully CNC gas flowed, high lift cams, harmonic damper, lightened flywheel, triple plate clutch and 48 Weber DCOE carburettors.

GEARBOX – 4 synchro close ratio straight cut gearbox, heavy duty baulk rings.

DIFFERENTIAL – Steel cased with Salisbury LSD.

OTHER FEATURES – AP racing brake master cylinders, bias bar, standard E-type calipers per Appendix K regs, front and rear brake cooling, aluminium radiator, aluminium header tank with modern fan switch, stainless steel full race exhaust system,  heated front windscreen, ignition on points (per Appendix K), 120 litre long distance fuel tank, twin competition Facet fuel pumps, filter king and regulator, aero-quip hoses, top quality stainless steel diff pump and cooler system, 7” front &  8” rear magnesium peg drive wheels, fire extinguisher and full race harness.

Spares : one set of wheels. Other parts available at extra cost.

This quick E-type is fully compliant with the regulations of the various GT historic race series such as the Masters Series, Classic Endurance Racing, GTSCC, E-type challenge, etc..

Make: Bizzarrini
Name: GT Strada 5300
Year: 1965

This gorgeous 1965 aluminium bodied Bizzarrini 5300 was born as a Strada (Street version) and converted to Corsa (race) specification by a prior owner about 20 years ago. Contrary to many other Bizzarrini's, #0245 is a no-stories Bizzarrini with clear and continuous history from new. Its specification includes a Series 1 dashboard, De Dion rear axle and correct period 327ci small block chevy engine with a Muncie T22 4-speed gearbox. 

In 2014 the current owner bought the car from its prior Swiss owner who had commissioned a full rebuild upon his purchase of #0245 in 2005. Since then, the car has successfully participated in events such as the Trofeo Nastro Rosso, NKHTGT, Le mans Legends, etc. with multiple podium finishes.

The current owner has spent a further EUR 100k+ on the car including a new, fresh Mathwall state-of-the-art FIA engine, new fuel cells, new brake calipers, aeroquip hoses, Vbox kit, etc.. No expense has been spared and this stunning Bizzarini is sold in absolutely race-ready condition with nothing further to spend by its new, lucky owner.

#0245 is located in U.K. and is sold with new, 2016 FIA HTP papers and a complete history file. There is also the old swiss street registration document. Spares include a set of 4 x 7" and 4 x 9" wheels and various other miscellaneous parts such as fuel-pumps, gaskets, distributor, etc..

This is a rare opportunity to buy an alloy bodied, no-stories and very competitive Bizzarini 5300 in outstanding condition which is eligible for all historic race and rally events including LeMans Classic 2016.

Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage (1959)

Price Reduced

Make: Maserati
Name: Tipo 61 Birdcage
Year: 1959

This stunning Maserati Birdcage recreation, chassis number 2473 and engine number 2487, was built by the world renowned English firm Crosthwaite and Gardiner.

They were given an original Tipo 61 Birdcage as building reference which allowed Crosthwaite and Gardiner to meticulously recreate #2473 down to its last nut and bolt over a twelve year (!) period. A newly-built chassis was created and as many original parts as possible utilized along with newly created parts to 100% original specification. The car was fitted with an original and correct Maserati Factory engine, number 2487.

Accompanied by its FIA Historic Technical Passport issued by the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS) this Birdcage is superlative and exact to original factory specifications in all its parts.

The Specification of the engine is 2890cc four-cylinder, vertical in-line with 2 x Weber 45 DC03carburettors. The transmission is a correct five-speed manual mechanical with in-unit limited slip differential.

Birdcage #2473, which is located near Melbourne, Australia,  is ready for road use and would be accepted for serious historic racing anywhere in the world. This is a unique opportunity to acquire an exact replica of the famous Tipo 61 “Birdcage” for a fraction of the price !

FIA Historical Technical Passport ; Built by specialist Crosthwaite and Gardiner to exact factory specifications ; Original engine; Two seater sportscar in sheet aluminium over a steel tubular frame

Make: Lotus
Name: Cortina Mk1
Year: 1964

We have the pleasure to offer this gorgeous race specification 1964 Lotus Cortina Mk1 for sale.

With just two owners in the last 20 years, this car has always received lots of “TLC” (Tender Loving Care). Its current owner has completely overhauled the car with no-expense-spared after which the car was only used sparingly. 

Just weighting 753kg, this Cortina comes with a fresh (1 hour of testing in 2015) 1600cc Lotus twin-cam engine (by Ph. Harper) delivering a very healthy 181 bhp, a new alu “Tony Thompson” gearbox and differential. It conforms to the U2TC regulations with correct radiator and KONI shocks. The seat, belts and fire extinguisher are valid until the end of 2016.

This Cortina is very clean and tidy and comes with 4 spare wheels and a spare diff. The FIA HTP dates from 2010 but the owner will sell the car with a new, 2016 FIA HTP.

Known to be lots of fun to drive while also being competitive, this marvel is ready to give its new owner lots of pleasure on the track !

Make: Lotus
Name: Elan S2 / 26R
Year: 1965

We are pleased to offer for sale this gorgeous and very quick RHD Lotus Elan S2 which was bought by the current owner in 2000 and was subsequently completely build-up to the latest 26R specification.

Upon completion, the car has been raced very successfully at both the national and international level up to 2012. The owner then switched to racing a 2 litre prototype which is why the Elan is now up for sale.

The engine has been built by John Smirtwait delivering 190 bhp and only has 10 hours of running since its last rebuild. The other specs are as follows:

Strengthened chassis
Magnesium gearbox and differential casing (with LSD)
Magnesium center lock wheels
Alu bell-housing
New magnesium uprights with original alu calipers
Close ratio magnesium gearbox
Fuel cell 60 litres (valid until 2016) with separate catch-tank and pumps
KONI adjustable shocks all round
Renewed electrics
Large core alu radiator
1” front anti-roll bar+ 3/4” fr. a-r bar
TTR half-shafts
Lexan side and rear screens

The car comes with extensive spares which include a spare set of wheels and spare diff. with LSD 4.1-ratio.

Given that this Elan racer sat idle for a few years, the following would need to be done to bring it to race ready condition : go through the car with renewal of fluids and update belts and fire system.

A new, 2015 FIA HTP comes with the car (see 1st page below). Road registration can be easily done by its new owner as old title/registration document exists.

This excellent Elan S2/26R is located in Belgium where it can be inspected subject to appointment.

Make: Chevron
Name: B36
Year: 1976

We are pleased to offer for sale this well-known, 2014 CER championship winning Chevron B36. This latest development of Derek Bennett's very successful 2 litre sports prototype has continuous ownership from new (see ownership history below) and was never badly damaged despite its extensive racing career which includes no less than 5 LeMans 24hr participations between 1976 and 1980 ! You will find this B36's stellar race history further below which is evidence of this car being arguably the best B36 existing.

The car is 100% ready to run with freshly painted body and freshened up suspension. Fuel tanks were replaced in May 2014 and belts are new. Extinguisher is current as well. CWP was recently replaced  and the Geoff Richardson latest spec BDG has only done 4 hours.

This B36 with outstanding provenance comes with an extensive history file, new 2015 FIA HTP papers and a very good spares package.

Its new owner will have the pleasure to continue the winning streak of this front running and famous Chevron B36 !

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